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Sorenson Neighborhood Park (Felida)

Current Status
The draft concept plan for this park was approved by the Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission in June 2011.

Clark County Public Works intends to build this park in 2016.

Park Name Update
"Sorenson Neighborhood Park" was a placeholder name used by staff to identify the property. During development of the draft concept plan, neighbors were invited to suggest and vote on a new name for the park. However, keeping the name "Sorenson Neighborhood Park" received the most support. The name references the family who owned a large amount of land in this area, including the park property, up until the late 1970s.

On October 18, the Board of Clark County Commissioners approved making "Sorenson Neighborhood Park" the permanent name.

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Project Description
This 4.9-acre park is located on NW 26th Avenue at NW 109th Street in Felida. The undeveloped property currently features open lawn and scattered trees. It slopes upwards towards two water towers on the northeast corner. Undeveloped property owned by Vancouver Public Schools is on the south side of of the park.

The approved concept plan, which was developed with input from park neighbors, includes:

  • Small playground with equipment appropriate for multiple ages
  • Basketball half court/sports court
  • Walking trails
  • Open lawn play area
  • Picnic tables
  • Benches
  • Environmental interpretation features that trace the evolution/deterioration of a boulder as it is broken down into progressively smaller and smaller particles
  • Sledding hill
  • Additional trees and other plantings
  • Bike rack, garbage can and park signage
  • Pedestrian entrances from NW 26th Avenue and NW 109th Street on the east side of the park (through Vancouver Public Schools property)
  • Future connection to Vancouver Public Schools property

Neighborhood parks are designed to be walk-to/bike-to parks for people who live within a half-mile. They are not meant to be major destination parks, attracting visitors from all over the county. As a result, they do not include things like parking lots or restrooms, which are only included in larger community or regional parks that draw people from far away.

The park's name is a placeholder used by staff to identify the property and refers to the previous property owners. It can be changed if neighbors desire. Neighbors were asked to suggest names for the park and select their favorite as part of the public outreach process in spring 2011. Keeping the name "Sorenson Neighborhood Park" was the most popular with the neighbors who voted online or by telephone. This name selection will be presented to the Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission for action in summer 2011.

Public Participation
Major decisions about what the park will look like and what features it will include were made during planning and design. Project staff relies on public input to help guide this process. Your input:

  • Helped us understand and respond to the needs and concerns of your neighborhood.
  • Helped us understand which park features are most important to you and your neighbors.
  • Helped us learn about the potential for community fundraising to add features to the park.

The first newsletter and comment form were mailed to neighbors living within walking distance of the park in January 2011.

Staff used the input received to a draft concept plan showing what the park might look like. This plan was presented to neighbors at a public meeting and posted on this Web page for review and input in March 2011.

The plan was then revised based on neighbors' input and mailed out to neighbors for additional input in late April 2011. Neighbors were also invited to vote on an official name for the park at the same time. The plan was also posted online along with an electronic comment form.

The final draft concept plan was presented to the Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission for action at a public meeting in June 2011.

Neighbors will be notified when funding is available to resume design and construction of this park.

April 2011 updated draft concept plan newsletter (1.8 MB PDF)

March 2011 Public Meeting

January 2011 Comment Period

Project Schedule
Winter 2010/11- late spring 2011: Preliminary planning phase begins; public feedback obtained; draft concept plan developed.
Late spring/summer 2011: Draft concept plan presented to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission for approval; preliminary planning phase ends.

After the draft concept plan was approved, this project was put on hold. Final design, permitting and construction will not proceed until additional funding is available. More information.

Project Funding
Design and construction of Sorenson Neighborhood Park may be funded by a combination of:

  • park impact fees, which are collected whenever a new residential property is developed,
  • the real estate excise tax, which is collected whenever homes are sold in Clark County and
  • Greater Clark Parks District property taxes.

After construction, maintenance of the park will also be funded by the Greater Clark Parks District, which is a special district approved and funded by voters in the unincorporated urban area of Clark County in 2005.

Contact Information:
Scot Brantley, Project Manager
Phone: 360-397-6118 x. 4364